Breakaway Audio Enhancer

Our Home Audio Processing Software

Version 1.44.00 is compatible with the following operating systems:  32-bit & 64-bit Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 11.


Our Professional Audio Processing Software

Download and try the all new BreakawayOne.  It is fully functional and will run forever.
There are no feature limitations, it will simply interrupt your audio now and then (not too often) with very short audio jingles, which are removed when you purchase a license.

Newest Version: 1.44.00

Newest Version: 3.30.93

Breakaway Pipeline

If you need to send audio to or from another program on the same computer as BreakawayOne, also download our Virtual Audio Device, “Breakaway Pipeline”.

Newest Updates:

Breakaway Audio Enhancer Version Update History: Version   1.44.00 –  2/23/2023

  • Separated BAE installer from the Breakaway Pipeline Driver
    • This fixes our previous issues with the Breakaway Pipeline Driver. This ensurse future installations of BAE will no longer conflict with previous pipeline as BAE and Pipeline are installed and uninstalled separately.
  • Adjusted UI scaling on dropdown menus


BreakawayOne Version Update History: Version   3.30.93 –  2/24/2023

General Improvements:

  • Startup crash on some systems fixed
  • Input 2 level trim added   
  • Monitor out separate Mute button added
  • Diversity delay now adjustable down to one sample
  • ReadMetadata watchdog grace periods extended to 10 minutes


BreakawayOne Config:

  • WDM device buffer count can now be adjusted 
  • Adaptive Sample Rate Conversion toggle switch added for each WDM device in config (was previously always on)



  • FM MPX: Range-limited pilot level control added – 8.75 to 9.25%   
  • FM BS-412 custom preset loading bug fixed 
  • New Combo FM MPX test tone added. Combines quick sweep with 50 Hz square wave, for easy, at-a-glance transmitter calibration.
  • Combo Phase also added, inverts phase every second, to verify DAC, transmitter and modulation monitor LF performance.
  • RDS CT flag disabled, was not supposed to be on as the PC clock is not necessarily synchronized to anything


Stream Receiver

  • Gain range increased, now -24 to +24
  • Stream receiver bug fixed – could skip when first receiving a stream from a server with long burst-on-connect 


Streaming Encoders:

  • https:// URLs supported as metadata source
  • Connection duration display added
  • Downtime duration display added (can be reset by double-clicking)
  • Number of encoders increased to 6 (mgmt package req’d)
  • Output Sample Rate now selectable
  • MP3 encoder output now 48 kHz if bit rate is 256 kbps or above and main processing is at 48 kHz 


GUI improvements:

  • Core / Instance buttons now revert to droplists before they get too small,
  • Core / Instance button tool tips implemented
  • maximize=xx command line option added (see BaRemote.txt)
  • BaRemote again works under WINE
  • BaRemote front panel mode custom size and position supported
  • Input meter (ITU-1770) numerical readout implemented


Management Package improvements:

  • MQTT support (Homie v3.0.1 compliant) to allow for advanced automation and scripting. (mgmt package req’d)
  • Freeze Watchdog timeouts and grace periods extended to account for internet connectivity issues
  • BaRemote RTA display low frequency delay significantly reduced
  • File recorder added (mgmt package req’d)



  • AES67 address display mode selection added


Pass-Through Core:

  • PT core primary stream receiver now has preset buttons 

Previous Breakaway Audio Enhancer Versions:

Version 1.30.02 is compatible with the following operating systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista

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