Since 2007, Claesson Edwards Audio has been providing multi-band audio processing software to customers so all their media and audio content maintain the highest level of quality, consistency, and depth.

CE Audio founders Leif Claesson and Keith Edwards are two of the original founders of Octiv. Known for inventing the Volume Logic plugin for iTunes, Octiv was acquired by Plantronics in 2005 and eventually renamed Volume Logic.

The Breakaway Line is the brainchild of Leif Claesson, the original creator of the OctiMax audio processing core technology used by Volume Logic. With completely unique audio processing algorithms, Breakaway & BreakawayOne software have emerged as one of the best audio processors on the market with the exception of the truly incredible Omnia.9 processor (which Leif also designed).

CE Audio believes the digital age is no excuse for poor sounding audio.

Claesson Edwards Audio is located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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