Praise For Breakaway Audio Enhancer

Just brilliant. Offers a huge amount more space and presence to listening on my computer based system. Audio runs into a Denon compact system with good bookshelf speakers. Seriously considering adding a PC to the main system downstairs which will definitely have Breakaway installed. Top value too.
Tim Wright from Norwich, Norfolk United Kingdom

Nothing Comes Close. No words could describe how good this thing is. Seriously, if you have not downloaded the demo... Please let do so and let this review of mine echo it. The sound, ease of use... gosh, nothing comes close... Look no further. I'm still very much surprised that it's made available for just under $30 though.
Rendy from Singapore

A dream come true. Thanks for a great and inexpensive product. Have used all kinds of limiters and compressors in the past, and have tried multiband units used in broadcast, but found them hideously expensive. I stumbled across the Audio Enhancer while browsing one night, and it is now part of my media center. Very nice, very smooth, and very versatile. Congrats.
Peter Anderson from Gore, QC Canada

By far... The Best Out There. I had tried all the Audio Enhancer's out there, all conflicting with Vista; then I came upon this Jewel-BREAKAWAY Audio Enhancer. Works well with Vista. Sounds great and the only one I'll ever use. A+ product & customer support.
Evelyn B from Atlanta United States

I gotta say this: this Breakaway software = kickass! I recently just got my first pair of "real cans" (Audio Technica ATH A700), and those combined w/ this software has completely redefined my music/sound listening experience! Your software has brought out all the finer qualities these pair of cans can dish out and do, and I think it fortunate I happen across your software!
User review via the CE Audio Forum

Breakaway is something really developed for radio and TV stations, and I am shocked the developer made a consumer version of it. It uses the same internal engine as the radio station processor. This is simply hands down the best audio enhancer for your computer. I bet a lot of folks are stunned that the developer actually released a consumer version of a product that's worth about $30,000. Try it. It's awesome.
User review via CNET

Awesome to not have to adjust the volume anymore. Everything is loud and clear. I'm telling all my music loving friends!
User review via CNET

Praise for Breakaway Broadcast

In 2009 we purchased BBP and our station has been sounding 100% crystal clear ever since. We don't use it especially for being the loudest but we could if we wanted to. The management, the dj's and most important our listeners love the sound of our station via Breakaway. It became one of our most valued pieces of software. We never thought this was possible!
Josef Krauthausen from Roermond-Herten, Limburg Netherlands

I have been a fan of software based audio processing for a while now but had pretty much given up on a all in one solution until I tried Breakaway FM. It's the real in deal broadcast quality audio processing.
Sam Sergi, Raw FM Australia

WOW! Great work Leif!
 Big thumbs up on the cool interface and waveform display.. let alone the sweet audio...
Matthew Trim, Switch1197
 Brisbane, Australia

Breakaway processing is effortless! So easy to set up and use, it's virtually bulletproof. Not since the days of the analog Orban processors has something been so easy to set up, use and, most important, sound so good!
Mike Erickson, WGLI

What an incredible clipper you've accomplished! How can it be this clean? I see the clipping on the scope, but I just don't hear it! It's on the air, and it sounds fantastic.
Johnny Lundholm, Radio 88 Gothenburg, Sweden

I've tried this for a while now and it sounds FANTASTIC!!
Jonas Borg, Consultant, Sweden

I am still happy I sold my optimod pc card !!! Again I am very impressed with your products ....
Appie, TopFM The Netherlands