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Breakaway Audio Enhancer Improves Audio Experience for All PC Users

Claesson Edwards Audio Releases Breakaway Audio Enhancer Version 1.3

January 26, 2010 (Antioch, CA.) — Freshly updated, Breakaway Audio Enhancer v1.3 from Claesson Edwards Audio delivers the highest quality audio to all PC users, turning their desktop sound into a studio listening experience. A stand-alone software solution, Breakaway Audio Enhancer v1.3 provides complete audio control over music, videos, web browsers, and games. Screaming web ads impale speakers, Hulu videos require cranking the volume up, and every media player makes favorite CD’s sound different. Breakaway Audio Enhancer v1.3 changes all that and is available to everyone as a free, fully functional 30-day trial download from
“The Audio Enhancer makes a dramatic difference in your listening experience. It's by far the best audio processor I've ever heard and I've tried them all,” says founder Keith Edwards. “However, why take my word for it? Try it for free. If it doesn't dramatically improve your listening experience then uninstall it.”
Audio quality and volume varies greatly between programs but Breakaway Audio Enhancer v1.3 ends the need to manually adjust volume and equalization on each media player. Now, users can automatically match volume and improve audio from any computer program so only even, optimal sound reaches the speakers. Running constantly in the background, Breakaway is a real-time filter between the software and the speakers so it does not permanently alter audio files, only improves how you hear them. With a selection of dynamics processing presets based on genre and audio source, Breakaway saves money by being the only audio plugin needed regardless of the software being used.

The latest release of the Breakaway Audio Enhancer refines an already exceptional piece of software. Version 1.3 has improved audio quality thanks to a completely redesigned back end tailored for Windows 7. Incorporating a new version of Breakaway Pipeline, the stability is now rock solid and has better Standby/Hibernate support.
Version 1.3 has also incorporated a new FM Mode that enables the program to be directly connected to any low power FM transmitter to achieve near broadcast quality FM sound. FM Mode incorporates low latency, low CPU usage, and advanced distortion canceling. Keeping the signal within the physical limits of the FM medium, FM Mode prevents broken sibilants and distorted hi-hats. While not a replacement for CE Audio’s professional grade Breakaway Broadcast program, the FM Mode is a perfect choice for consumer FM transmitters.

Breakaway Audio Enhancer v1.3 is available as a free upgrade to anyone who already purchased an earlier version of the program. For new users, it can be downloaded from or CNET’s The application has a free, fully functional 30-day trial mode after which time it can be purchased for a mere $29.95. The Breakaway Audio Enhancer v1.3 is currently for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7. Discover more about the Breakaway Audio Enhancer at the CE Audio website.

About Claesson Edwards Audio LLC
Since 2007, CE Audio has been providing multi-band audio processing to customers so all their media and audio software maintain the highest level of quality, consistency and depth. Their line of professional and consumer grade software programs include the Breakaway Audio Enhancer, Breakaway Broadcast, and Breakaway Live.

CE Audio founders Leif Claesson and Keith Edwards are also two of the original founders of Octiv. Known for inventing the Volume Logic plugin for iTunes, Octiv was acquired by Plantronics in 2005 and eventually renamed Volume Logic.

For more information on the Breakaway line of software and Claesson Edwards Audio, visit the company’s website at