Server-grade PC with solid state hard drive strongly recommended for on-air use.
Pentium 4 3.4 GHz CPU or faster. Intel Dual Core strongly recommended.

Operating system: Windows XP / Windows 7, 8, 10 (32 or 64-bit).
You must install Breakaway Pipeline 4.15 after installing Breakaway Broadcast on Windows 8 or 10.
A dedicated system is recommended for on-air use. It should be firewalled and automatic updates must be turned off, since updates could take the station off the air. Windows 10 updates can be stopped by disabling the Windows Update service.
A system with automatic updates turned off must be treated with care because of the vulnerability risk involved. People must remember that this is an on-air processor, and the fact that it’s installed on a general purpose computer means it can be acquired inexpensively, but it should not be treated as a normal computer in any other way. It is a dedicated audio processing appliance. For example, absolutely no web browsing on this system, and as little other software as possible. Keep it pristinely clean – this computer will be the one thing keeping your station of the air!

Recommended sound cards for MPX output:
Any sound card that supports true 192 KHz sampling rate.

The following cards have been successfully tested:
M Audio Delta Audiophile 192 (PCI)
Realtek HD audio on-board (certain motherboards. Not all support 192 KHz output)
Lynx L22 PCI
Marian Trace 8 PCI
Edirol FA-101 (Firewire)

Leif recently added the following sound cards:
ESI Juli@ XTe card (PCI-express)
MOTU 828mk3
MOTU Ultra-Lite mk3
They can do both firewire and USB, and they have *DC coupled* outputs, and they’re nice and stable. They’re also still available.