One of the most difficult tasks for an FM processor is to accurately control peaks while also accurately controlling the spectrum.

Peak Control is important, because legislation dictates how far your carrier is allowed to deviate inside your channel - usally +/- 75 kHz. If any peaks are not accurately controlled, average modulation must be decreased - wasting both loudness and signal-to-noise ratio. Most FM audio processors perform this task well, and Breakaway Broadcast Processor is no exception. All processors above have excellent peak control.

Spectrum Control is also important. In FM stereo, we have several subcarriers that must be protected - for example the Pilot Tone, Stereo Subcarrier, RDS subcarrier. Contaminating the spectrum of either can result in loss of stereo separation, audible distortion, poor multipath performance (bad city reception), and RDS data errors.

So, controlling both Peaks and Spectrum are equally important. Unfortunately, they're conflicting goals. Improving one sacrifices the other, and achieving both at the same time is extremely difficult.

How is Breakaway Broadcast Processor doing compared to other processors? Judge for yourself above.