Small FM transmitters usually do not have proper high frequency response, as they are designed to be directly connected to standard audio equipment, without using an FM audio processor. This is a compromise to prevent overmodulation, and while it works reasonably well, it yields dull sound.

FM audio processors traditionally cost thousands of dollars, and have been completely range of small broadcasters -- until now!

Using the FM Mode in Breakaway Audio Enhancer, there's no more need to compromise.


Using FM Mode alone will make a big improvement to your FM transmitter sound, but if you calibrate it properly, it can truly sound excellent.

These are step by step instructions to calibrate.

Start by connecting the line output of a good radio (preferably the recording output of a receiver) to the line input of a computer. Any radio will work, including one with only a headphone output, provided you turn off bass boost, and set any EQ or other tone controls in the middle.

Tune in a commercial station. Don't choose the loudest station in town -- choose an average loudness station that sounds good.

Start the FM Mode Calibration Tool and make sure you are seeing the station on the meters. Make sure you're not overloading the input.


Adjust the Gain Slider in the calibration tool, until it looks roughly like the image below.


Start Breakaway, and connect the output of the computer to the input of your transmitter.

Right-click on the meters, and choose FM Mode in the menu that comes up. 


Right-click again, and choose FM Options. This brings up the FM Options window.


Choose Tone gen: 400hz


Tune the radio to your station. You will be able to find it easily as it's playing a tone. Then, adjust the volume until the tone is rightly the same level on the graph as the commercial station was.

There could be as many as three volume controls at play. There's Breakaway's volume control, there's the Sound Card output volume (accessible in the Volume Control in Windows), and there could be an input level control on your Transmitter.

Please make sure not to turn Breakaway's volume control above -3.0dB, to keep some headroom. 



After the test tone is the correct level on the graph, switch to Tone gen: Sweep (Tuner) in Breakaway.


Turn up the Gain so that you can see the sweep properly.


The sweep should ideally look flat. It should not taper off, or be concave or convex.  We'll need to adjust the EQ in Breakaway FM mode.

If the shape is nice and flat like below, we're done! The result should sound much brighter and crisper than before. Now that there's a proper FM audio processor in front of the transmitter, there's no need to play it safe with the audio anymore -- loud, powerful, broadcast quality sound can now be had from almost any transmitter.