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Dramatically improves the audio quality
for your whole computer


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Leif Claesson, creator of award winning audio processors such as Omnia.9®, loudly presents the next generation of Breakaway.


Broadcast Processor

State-of-the-art audio processing
for broadcasters



Breakaway Live

High-end processing for studios and live use


Breakaway DJ
Stellar sound quality for DJ's


Step-by-step instructions on how to authorize Breakaway Audio Enhancer on a computer without internet access:

1) Right-click on the Breakaway icon on the taskbar

 right-click on the Breakaway icon on the taskbar


2) Select "About Breakaway"

select about Breakway from the menu


3) Left-Click on the "Validate" button

press the validate button



4) Enter the authorization code exactly as shown in the authorization email you received. The copy and paste technique works best.

Left-click on the "Register" button.  

 paste the authorization code


 5) Left-click on "Restart"

press the restart button


6) When Breakaway restarts, the following message will breifly be displayed:

please wait while activating your breakaway license


7) When Breakaway is not able to access the interet, the following message will be displayed.  Press the "Next" button to authorize without internet access.

unable to open activation URL, press next to manually authorize



8) Press the "Copy" button.

Press the copy button.  Then paste URL into web browser.


9) The authorization request URL will be copied into the computer's clipboard. Paste the authorization request URL into a text file (e.g. notepad works fine). Then you will need to transfer the text file (containing the authorization request URL) to another computer that has internet access.  DO NOT close the activation wizard on the computer (without internet access) until you receive and enter the authorization code. The activation wizard will generate a different URL each time it is launched, so there is no way around this inconvenience.


10) On another computer, that has internet access, paste the URL into a web browser. Wait until the authorization code is displayed in the web browser window.  Copy the authorization code and paste into a text file.  Transfer the text file to the computer without internet access.

copy authorization code from web browser



11) Paste the authorization code in the field marked "After visiting the URL, paste the response below".  Then press "Next".

paste code from web browser into authorization field


12) The following message will be displayed.  Then press "Finish".

authorization successful