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Leif Claesson, creator of award winning audio processors such as Omnia.9®, loudly presents the next generation of Breakaway.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How to I get audio from my media player into BBP? What's the easiest possible test setup?
To route all audio from your computer into BBP:

  • Open the control panel, Sounds and Audio Devices, Audio.
  • Select Default device: "Breakaway Pipeline 1".
  • Open BBP I/O Configuration
  • Select Input: KS, Breakaway Pipeline 1
  • Select your sound card(s) in L/R and/or MPX output as desired.

How can it sound better than hardware processors? I've heard other software processors, and they're nowhere close to hardware.
It's all about the algorithms. Remember, digital hardware processors are also software processors. A hardware processor without its software is just a form of computer, and could be programmed to perform any other task -- it could even be a web server, or a video game! A hardware processor is only as good as its software, and BBP sounds better because of the state of the art algorithms inside. But, don't take our word for it -- listen for yourself at MpxTool.com.

What are the CPU requirements of BBP?
We recommend an Intel Dual Core CPU (Celeron E1200 or above, or Core 2 Duo), but we've had reports that it runs on Intel Pentium 4 3.4 GHz.

What operating systems are supported by BBP?
BBP runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, and Windows 2000. For a dedicated system, we recommend Windows 2000.

How to run Breakaway Broadcast or Breakaway Live on a Windows 10 computer
http://www.claessonedwards.com/  click on the Download tab and select the version of Breakaway that you prefer.
Download and install the application.  Before exiting the installer uncheck the checkbox that would start the application, since we need to remove the old pipeline that was just installed. 

Make sure that the application is not running before proceeding to the next step.
Download and install the new Windows 10 compatible version of Breakaway Pipeline:   http://claessonedwards.com/download/BreakawayPipeline_installer_4.15.exe
It will detect the old Pipeline (which is not compatible with Windows 10).  Answer [YES] when asked if you want to uninstall the old Pipeline.  Allow the uninstaller to reboot the computer.
If the Pipeline installer does not automatically resume after the reboot, launch it manually and following instructions to complete the installation.
Run the Pipeline Control Panel to configure the Pipeline(s).
Launch Broadcast or Live.  While operating in trial mode all of the features are fully enabled so you will be able to evaluate it before making the purchase decision. 

Does BBP run on 64-bit operating systems?
Yes, BBP runs fine on 64-bit operating systems including Windows Vista x64, Windows Server 2003 x64 and Windows XP x64.

Is there a Linux version of BBP?
There are no plans for a Linux version at this time. For dedicated systems, Windows 2000 is as stable as the hardware it's running on.

Does BBP have a built in stereo encoder?
Yes, absolutely! BBP is a real FM processor, and can generate a tightly controlled overshoot-free composite signal through any 192 kHz capable sound card.

Is BBP compliant with the Stokkemasker protocol?
Yes! For FM broadcasting in the Netherlands, turn on the ITU-R SM.1268-1 limiter. It's a limiter specifically designed to keep the audio precisely inside the stokkemasker, with the smallest possible impact to the stereo image width.

How do I get MPX output to work in Windows 2000? Win2k does not support 192 kHz sampling rate.
Use Kernel Streaming. Using Kernel Streaming bypasses the windows audio subsystem completely, thus allowing BBP to use the full capabilities of the sound card, including 192 kHz support under Windows 2000.

Will there be even more advanced versions in the future?
Yes! We will be able to offer full control and a whole host of new features in the future.

What sounds do you recommend?
Please see the hardware requirements page.

Why is it so inexpensive? What's the catch?
There is no catch! What you see (and hear) is what you get. We really wanted to make an excellent, easy to use audio processor available at this price point, and we refused to compromise on audio performance.

Why must the analog outputs be calibrated?
PC audio hardware was not designed for peak-accurate performance, but can yield excellent results if the deficiencies are pre-compensated for in software. Thus the need for calibration. Please see the guide for FM calibration or AM calibration.

Using an external digital stereo encoder with AES / SPDIF connection, must I still calibrate with an oscilloscope?
No - if you have a pure digital path without filtering in the stereo encoder, no calibration is necessary.

Why is the delay so long?
The latency is long because BBP takes the time to do the processing right, instead of rushing the signal through. The advantage when comparing the audio output to other processors is obvious -- as long as you're not listening to your own microphone in headphones. BBP yields clean loudness simply unachievable by other processors.

How can I accomplish low latency monitoring? We need a low latency feed for our DJs.
Low latency can be achieved by running our "Breakaway Live" product. It's very low CPU usage, can run even on a Pentium 3, and can achieve true realtime latency (under 10ms) with a sound card with ASIO drivers. Breakaway Live can also run on the same computer as BBP, with a separate sound card.

Why is the CPU usage so high?
It isn't high, it's actually very low. Hardware processors use 100% of their available CPU power -- whereas BBP uses only 25% of a modern dual core PC. Older systems may not be powerful enough to run BBP, because BBP takes advantage of the power of modern CPUs to achieve audio quality simply unachievable just a few years ago.

How does BBP really sound on the air?
Provided you choose the correct pre-emphasis for your country (50us for Europe and Australia, 75us for North America), it will sound exactly like the L/R outputs! A properly designed FM exciter does not modify the waveform at all. The audio processor determines the sound, not the exciter. For a true, accurate comparison of different FM processors including BBP, please visit MpxTool.com and download the torture test recordings. Use MpxTool to play the recordings.

Why pre-emphasis clipping for web radio? Doesn't the added harmonics waste valuable bits in the bitstream?
Unlike other audio processors, BBP's clipper does not add significant harmonics. Thus, no bits are wasted, and pre + de-emphasis actually helps prevent codec overshoots!

Are Breakaway licenses or authorization codes transferable?
Breakaway licenses and authorization codes are NOT transferable nor may they be sold by anyone other than Claesson Edwards Audio or one of our authorized dealers.