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Leif Claesson, creator of award winning audio processors such as Omnia.9®, loudly presents the next generation of Breakaway.


Broadcast Processor

State-of-the-art audio processing
for broadcasters



Breakaway Live

High-end processing for studios and live use


Breakaway DJ
Stellar sound quality for DJ's




Breakaway Broadcast Processor features applicable to all broadcast mediums:
  • Advanced Distortion Cancelled Clipping back-end yielding unprecedented quality and clarity on any broadcast medium, while keeping up with any other processor loudness-wise.
  • Numerous customizable excellent sounding Factory Presets suitable for any format
  • 6 easy to use controls intelligently adjust internal processing parameters to make dialing in your custom sound easier than ever
    Controls: Final Drive, Range, Power, Speed, Bass Level and Bass Shape
  • Smooth, flexible wideband AGC provides "steady hand on the fader" gain riding up to 36dB
  • Advanced multiband compression and limiting (4, 5, 6 or 7 bands depending on preset) provides excellent consistency
  • Multiband Downward Expanders for cleaning up noisy source material
  • Phase Linear from beginning to end, including multiband and all filters, to maintain waveform fidelity and transient impact. Critical to avoid further damaging modern pre-clipped CDs
  • Selectable phase scrambler which correct assymetry in sharp voices and instruments (such as saxophone) without invalidating the previous statement
  • Selectable phase linear brick-wall high pass filter (Off, 30 Hz, 45 Hz, 60 Hz, 80 Hz, 100 Hz, 120 Hz)
  • Virtually unlimited number of Breakaway Pipelines (our Virtual Cable driver) for easy interfacing to any software
  • Adaptive Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter, for perfect glitch-free audio
  • DSP effect plug-in support, for loading custom effects directly inside Breakaway FM
  • Highly accurate DPO (digital phosphor) oscilloscope, for monitoring of input and output waveforms
  • Bright, accurate meters for visualizing all aspects of the processing. Includes input overload (clip) warning.
  • Robust audio engine supporting all major sound cards (Wave MME, DirectSound and Kernel Streaming)

Breakaway Broadcast Processor

Breakaway Broadcast

The clean, polished, and powerful sound of Breakaway Broadcast Processor attracts and holds listeners in every broadcast medium. It reaches a new level of audio quality by intelligently masking distortion, placing it where it's least likely to be heard. It's not magic -- just pure science.

Breakaway Broadcast Processor is the best solution for FM, AM and all forms of digital broadcasting wrapped up in a software program. The difference in quality when compared to leading hardware processors is obvious. Where other processors strain and fall apart, Breakaway Broadcast Processor is loud and clear, even with extremely difficult instruments like xylophones. The result is a broadcast that dominates the competition with volume and punch, and a clarity that they cannot possibly achieve.

Breakaway Broadcast Processor is also the first software processor to be fully standards compliant. It has impeccable peak control (+/- 75 kHz deviation), 60dB Pilot Protection, and is fully compliant with ITU-R SM.1268-1. With state of the art multi-band processing and back-end peak control, Breakaway Broadcast Processor is the ideal choice for all forms of radio.

  • FM Radio – Ensures loudness, punch, and clarity within legal limits.
  • Web Radio – Attains unbelievably full, clean, and powerful sound online.
  • HD Radio – Makes the most of the limited bit-rate.
  • DAB Radio – Works extremely well with both MP2 and AAC Plus.
  • AM Radio – Utilizes tight filtering and asymmetrical clipping.

There are two distinctly different versions of Breakaway Broadcast Processor so you know you’ll be getting the unique features you need.


  BBP Standard BBP ASIO
Advanced distortion
masked clipper
Yes Yes
On-air Low Latency (17ms) No Yes
Audio drivers supported Wave, DirectSound,
Kernel Streaming
ASIO only
Low Latency studio output (8ms) Through Breakaway
Live only
Low Latency studio output and
MPX output through 1 sound card
No Yes
Free Trial length

Forever, with Breakaway commercial inserted every 30 minutes.

Forever, with Breakaway commercial inserted every 30 minutes.